GP Head Support Slings


These padded slings are easy to fit to a patient in bed or in a chair, providing excellent upper body and head support.

The upper section of these slings are adjustable. Recommended for lifting from the floor and lifting of the less secure patient.

Available in seven sizes in mesh or fabric. Fully customisable.

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Pivot Slings

A premium grade range of slings, having fully adjustable padded head support. Available in seven popular sizes.

These slings are suitable for a wide range of transfers and are fully customisable.
Mesh or adjustable head support.

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Stand Up Slings

These slings have been designed as a generously padded and comfortable aid to give good support under the arms and the lower back.

They are non-slip on the back to stop the sling from riding up.
The design allows for the client to be transferred to an ideal upright position. A good seating positioned can be achieved using this sling, saving time on readjustment once seated.
Available with arm cuffs. Ideal for stroke patients.

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General Purpose Slings

These premium grade padded slings provide easy fitting and good support for patients with some upper body control.

Suitable for general transfer and positioning.

Available in seven sizes. Full customisable.

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