Nortec Medical has beginnings in healthcare going back to the 1950s and have been leading suppliers of patient lifting equipment since the early 1990s.

Currently we are supplying our quality slings to dealers in the United Kingdom, North America, Australia and New Zealand.

Our slings are backed up with a 100% guarantee and our comprehensive insurance for use on all brands of patient lifting equipment.
All the raw materials are specially made to our stringent standards. We only use woven instruction labels as they are permanent and don't wash out like others. Own branding with our dealers name and contact details is a specialty.
We have specially built electronic sling testing equipment and our slings have been tested and certified to the CE international standard.
Nortec Sling Advantage - Why our products are so good

Quality New Zealand made.
Mesh fabric, padding and strapping are all specially made for us to our specifications.

Woven labels
These are also specially made and will not fade in the washing process.

Custom slings
Custom slings are our speciality. We guarantee quick turnaround.
Our slings can be neoprene lined for pressure relief.

Large range
We have a large range of standard sizes - e.g. X small; XX small pivot; pivot hygiene with head support and paediatric GP slings.

Sling testing
Every batch of slings we make are tested on a specially designed hydraulic test bench with a digital weight readout.

Stand up slings.
We have a large range of popular types including the stroke arm holder option.

Product Development
We have had over 14 years of patient lifting experience. We are always looking for ways to develop patient lifting slings further. This includes the extra darts in the bottom area of small and X small pivot slings.

CE Nortec NZ Slings have now been tested in the U.K. and can now have the CE mark
For information on laundering, labels and safety checks of all our products
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